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Our Team's Promise To You

Our promise to you is to ensure your business succeeds. Whether that's starting up, a growth phase or to become more efficient.

Our team will help you put together a strategic and tailored approach to your marketing efforts. Our team includes marketing experts who can deliver results.

Top Design Marketing's main focus is on Social Media Optimization,SEO strategies, Digital Advertising, and Reputation Management.

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James Wilson – Founder

Founder - James Wilson

James Wilson, M.S., U.S. Air Force Veteran

Education / Certifications

  • B.S. Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology

  • B.A. Consciousness and Human Potential

  • M.S. Information Technology

  • Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Training Academy, United States Air Force

  • Transcendental Meditation Teacher Certification

  • Fellowship, Silicon Valley Business Development Academy

  • Entre Institute, Digital Agency Mastery Certification

Founder's Bio

[Your Personal Marketing Consultant]

James is a U.S. Air Force award-winning Non-commissioned with six years of honorable service and Craftsman level certification in Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology. While in the service, James advised NASA on two space shuttle launches and was awarded Non-commissioned Officer of the Year in 2011.

His background includes a Business Development Fellow with the Silicon Valley Academy (SVAcademy) where he consulted with the former VP of Operations at Hewlett Packard. James has lived in Fairfield, Iowa since 2013. He's dedicates himself to advising business owners to achieve their marketing goals.

In 2021, James completed an intensive Digital Marketing Mastery certification with Entre Institute, an elite-level entrepreneurship academy where he learned the core principles of professional marketing from industry leaders.

James holds two bachelor's degrees in Atmospheric Physics and Consciousness and Human Potential, in addition to a Master of Science in Information Technology (IT).

(312) 598-1623

Get the latest SEO tips from us!

Get latest SEO tips from us!

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